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Welcome to Commercial Lawn Equipment.

Commercial Lawn has been serving the landscape industry in Nashville since 1997. Our focus and mission are to provide the landscape professional with quality products and service in order to help our customers become more profitable.

Having a one-stop shop for all your equipment and supplies eliminates the need to have to go to different places, reducing drive time and increasing the bottom line.

We are a full-service company for all your lawn care needs.

Our fertilizer and seed division offers specialized, commercial turf-quality products that cannot be purchased at the big chain stores. Our knowledgeable sales staff has specially designed turf programs that can make your yard or commercial property the envy of the street.

Commercial Lawn gives the residential homeowner a place to buy the same type of products that professional landscapers use. Along with our commercial-grade products, we also offer advice on how to make your yard look great! Our knowledgeable staff can design a program specifically tailored for your conditions.

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